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Thermage CPT Pre- and Post-Treatment Care Instructions


Thermage is ideal for individuals with active lifestyles who do not wish to experience the healing time after ablative procedures or surgery. Since Thermage requires no “downtime,” patients can resume their regular activities shortly after treatment. Thermage is indicated for modest tightening of the skin and the treatment of wrinkles, contouring of the treatment area, and collagen regeneration. Thermage is not intended to be a substitute for a surgical facelift or ablative skin resurfacing. During the treatment, you will feel heat; the use of pain medication and/or a relaxant eases discomfort and is recommended for most patients. For your convenience and comfort, we provide prescriptions prior to your procedure.


Contraindications include:

  • Active implants, such as cardiac pacemaker or permanent implant in the treatment area; significant concurrent illness, such as severe diabetes, congestive heart disease, epilepsy and other neurological disorders, or active infection; and immunosuppressive diseases, including AIDS and HIV infection, or use of immunosuppressive medications. Thermage is not recommended for pregnant or nursing patients.


  • Remove all makeup and skin care products prior to beginning of treatment. Hair should be pulled back and away from face for best application.
  • Remove contact lenses if having Thermage done on the face.
  • Remove all jewelry prior to arriving for your appointment for Thermage.
  • Take prescribed pain medication and/or relaxants 1 hour before arriving for your appointment.
  • Notify your technician of any tattooed area or permanent makeup on the face prior to treatment start.


  • Topical Care:
    • Please wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater for at least 1 week post treatment.
    • Do not irritate treated area chemically (such as with acne or anti-aging products) or mechanically (such as with sonic cleansing systems) for 1-2 days after treatment.
    • Makeup may be applied immediately after treatment.
  • Bathing:
    • Wash treated area gently with mild soap and water. If treated area is irritated, the area should not be rubbed with a face cloth or towel but rather patted dry.
  • Avoiding the use of NSAIDs and steroids:
    • Aspirin, aspirin-containing products and ibuprofen should be avoided for at least 2 weeks post treatment. You may use Tylenol for discomfort if necessary. Prednisone and other steroids should be avoided completely for a month, since they affect results.
  • Activities:
    • PLEASE NOTE: If sedation medication was taken prior to treatment, do not drive or operate machinery for four hours after your treatment.
    • Provided that there is no persistent redness, blistering, or crusting present in the treatment area, you may resume all normal activities.
  • Adverse Events:
    • Please contact Dr. Jaliman’s office immediately if you notice any blistering, redness, crusting, tenderness, or any other changes that may concern you.
  • Follow-Up Photographs:
    • Remember that Thermage continues to work gradually for approximately 6 months post treatment. You should return for follow-up photographs at 3 and 6 month intervals to evaluate results.

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