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"The hydrating serum is great for the winter."

- F.S.

"I love all of the products because they are not greasy!"

- B.K.

"The eye booster is the only eye serum that doesn't give me white bumps under my eyes."

- S.H.

"Debra Jaliman is that most rare dermatologist who can help you in the (almost) eternal quest for youth, but can also minister to grave health issues."

- Gwen D.

"I love the Facial Moisturizer - it perfectly moisturizes and makes my skin feel like velvet".

- Danielle

"My skin is more translucent,since I am using Vitamin C Serum and the Skin Booster. The texture of my skin is smoother and the dark spots have gone away"

- Claudia

"I have used many moisturizers on my face for the past 15 years, and I am happy to say I´ve come across the "Facial Moisturizer" from Dr. Jaliman. It is exactly what it says: mild, delicate, oil free. The pure aloe vera is refreshing without being overwhelming on my face. The best part is, I'm not breaking out! Thank you all!"

- Nina

"Lumiere is amazing! So moist- not greasy- lines are disappearing. Dr. Jaliman´s cleanser and moisturizers I use daily. They Keep my skin in 100% condition and glowing!"

- Alice

"We use the Alpha Plus and find them very effective. The BP gel zaps the especially annoying acne fast!"

- Maxim

"I have been using several of the serums ( super C serum and hydrating serum ) for a year now and I love all of them. I use the up the anti as a sun screen and I think it´s great! Skin Glows!"

- Susan

"Wags loves all the truffles products"

- Gene

"Dr. Jaliman is a professional, easy-mannered individual. She has made me feel extremely comfortable and confident in her expertise. I have tried several of her products; the DNA Repair and sunscreens happen to be the best I´ve ever tried."

- Julie

" I love the medlte C laser. After trying peel and lots of other products, this is the fastest and most effective treatment I have received fo my brown spots-just in time for my wedding! Thanks Dr. Jaliman!"

- Christina

"I´ve had under eye circles for years, and tried many products to get rid of them. The RX A cream combined with lumiere cream, are the only products that have caused dramatic difference."

- Elizabeth

"I love the vitamins, after just a few weeks of taking them my hair and nails were growing like crazy. My teenage son loves the peeling pads."

- Jane