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Medical Grade Honey

What is medical-grade honey?

Medical-grade honey is specially prepared by purifying it and sterilizing it. This is an involved process that requires filtering out impurities and pasteurizing the honey. Many people think that they can go to a whole foods store and they can buy organic honey and put it on their face to treat their rosacea. Unfortunately, in many cases this makes the skin redder and worse. The only honey that has been proven effective for rosacea treatment is kanuka honey which is the cousin to manuka honey.

What is kanuka honey?

Kanuka honey is a type of honey with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Manuka honey only has antibacterial properties.

How do we use Kanuka honey for rosacea?

We use a product from New Zealand called Honevo Red. It is a facial mask made from Kanuka honey and glycerin.

How do you use the facial mask?

It is placed on the skin for 15 minutes and then washed off.

How effective is the treatment?

Clinical trials of Honevo have found that 80% of users report less redness in under two weeks.

Is this an expensive technology?

The good news is that a 50 ml tube (1.69 ounces) is enough for many treatments. If you would like to purchase this please click here