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Hair, Skin and Nail Supplement

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This powerful cocktail of vitamins and supplements promotes the health and appearance of hair, skin and nails. Compounded with higher doses than typically found in over-the-counter dietary supplements, this formula contains 5000 mcg of biotin. Also contains vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B-complex and calcium.

Ingredients: per 2 tablets Vitamin C 400 mgs Vitamin E 60 IU Biotin 5000 mcgs Pantothenic Acid 20 mgs Calcium 85 mgs Zinc 20 mgs Selenium 140 mcgs Copper 1 mg Manganese 4 mgs OptMSM 250 mgs Silica 12.5 mgs Hydrolyzed Collagen 250 mgs L- Methionine 125 mgs Citrus Bioflavonoid 100 mgs Hydrolyzed keratin 50 mgs Hyaluronic Acid 5 mgs Alpha Lipoic Acid 50 mgs Proprietary Blend 367 mgs