My Favorite Sunscreens This Summer

I just came back from five days at the beach, most of them spent on the water with the full force of the sun beating down on me …. and I’m happy to say that thanks to two terrific new sunscreens, I didn’t get even the slightest hint of sunburn!

I slathered my face with Neutrogena’s new Pure and Free Baby Faces SPF 50 cream. The company advertises it as waterproof, sweatproof and tear-free if it gets in the eyes, and I have to say it lived up to all its claims. It’s a physical sunscreen with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which as I mention in Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from New York Dermatologist, is my favorite kind of sunscreen. As the name indicates, it is marketed towards children, but adults with sensitive skin and eyes would do well to baby their faces with this sunscreen. I’m acne prone, and I did not break out at all with it.

On my body, I kept reapplying Elta MD UV Pure SPF 47, although it really did seem to live up to its claim of being water-resistant for more than an hour. It’s easy to rub in, with a nice, non-greasy consistency, and comes in a tube and in a spray; I like the tube version best, but that’s just personal preference.

There are many fine sunscreens on the market, but I did want to post my good personal experience with these two products. And if you’re reading this and aren’t using a sunscreen, shame on you and go buy one now!