Liposonix vs. CoolSculpting – Which is Better?

The latest innovation in body sculpting is Liposonix, which uses highly focused heat and ultrasound to destroy fat cells. The fat cells are then gradually and painlessly eliminated in the urine over the course of several months.

My practice is now offering both Liposonix and CoolSculpting, which uses a different technology. Now that I’ve had a chance to compare both, I’ve realized that they can and often should be used together.


First of all, while both are highly effective and can result in real fat loss and leaner bodies, they should be used differently. CoolSculpting works best on larger amounts of fat, because the applicator needs something substantial to hold on to. People who have large belly rolls or love handles should have CoolSculpting first, then use Liposonix to sculpt smaller, targeted areas. One advantage to Liposonix is that it can be used on legs, arms and buttocks, while CoolSculpting is limited to the trunk – belly, love handles and back fat. Patients also see a slight to moderate improvement in skin tightness with Liposonix, although truth be told, the results are nowhere as good as with Thermage which tightens the skin anywhere on the body.

Results are usually quicker to see with Liposonix, which may be a big inducement to some. But there is a downside: CoolSculpting does not hurt at all, while Liposonox can be extremely painful. One patient compared it to being kicked by a horse. People getting CoolSculpting are so comfortable they frequently take naps during the procedure or catch up on movies. With Liposonix, I have to prescribe powerful painkillers which patients take one hour before the procedure. Liposonix also tends to cause more post-treatment bruising, so it’s a good idea to stop taking aspirin, fish oil, vitamin E, alcohol and ibuprophen a week before having it done.

All in all, I’m very intrigued by the possibility of using CoolSculpting and Liposonix together to achieve the best and most dramatic body sculpting results.