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Our New York City Lip Fillers Offer you natural-looking Looking Lips using Microdroplets that are less painful and Much More Precise than our Competitors

Dr. Jaliman, with over 25 years of experience, specializes in lip filler injections for women of all ages. With a deep understanding of facial anatomy, she employs a microdroplet injection technique using hyaluronic acid filler to ensure precise and natural-looking lip enhancements. Her approach is to use a tiny needle with her advanced techniques to inject small amounts of the product to create the perfect pout. She is a precision injector who uses her artistry and expertise with hyaluronic acid fillers to plump the cupid bow and the lateral part of the lip to attain the best result and give the lip definition. She will perfect your lip shape or just balance it and do lip enhancement by adding lip volume to specific areas of the lip. Set up an in-person consultation appointment for an assessment to discuss lip filler injections with Dr. Jaliman at her NYC, upper east side dermatology practice. You can schedule an appointment by calling our office at (212) 517-8855 or by filling out our form here

Find out if you are a good candidate, discuss your concerns and needs, ask any questions you may have, including the cost, and discuss the benefits and potential risks with a professional. She will devise a customized treatment plan for you and give you detailed information about the safety and other treatment options (like the lip flip done with botox). You will have confidence in having the lip enhancement procedure done by an injector who makes aesthetics and your health her top priority and focus. Her goal is to exceed your expectations. To document your transformation, her team will capture photos before and after, allowing you to witness the remarkable results firsthand. Imagine a way to produce dramatic results without surgery—just a small needle, an hour of your time, and a physician with an artistic hand and great attention to detail.

Best Lip Filler in NYC

Which fillers are used for lip injections?

Dr. Jaliman exclusively utilizes FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler products. Your choice includes Restylane® Silk, Restylane® Kysse, and JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC, which have been thoroughly tested and proven to be both safe and effective. She avoids the use of silicone or collagen injections for lip enhancement, as her priority is a natural-looking outcome.

Are there things to avoid before the treatment?

Dr. Jaliman recommends avoiding Vitamin E, aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil, and alcohol for a week prior to receiving injectables. This precaution helps to minimize bleeding and bruising. Pre-procedure instructions will be provided to ensure optimal results. 

Is there anything else I should avoid before lip fillers?

Dental procedures should be avoided for at least one week prior to lip injections. Dental procedures can lead to a bacterial infection, which can cause problems with the filler.

Is the lip filler injection painful?

A staff member will apply a topical anesthetic cream to numb the area 20 minutes prior to the treatment. This will ensure that the lip rejuvenation procedure is performed comfortably and in a pain-free manner. In addition, a Zimmer Chiller is also used during the lip augmentation procedure to cool the affected area and further reduce any discomfort. 

What is the longevity of lip filler?

Most patients find that the lip filler lasts about 6 to 8 months. Sometimes we add just a half-syringe of filler at a time to keep the results consistent. There is no need to reinject the entire lip. Some people who want a fuller lip will choose to get a full syringe injected.

Is there downtime?

Most patients will experience some swelling after lip injections. One of the ways to reduce swelling is to take a prednisone tablet immediately after your procedure. We have prednisone pills available in our office. We also advise patients to avoid strenuous activities and exercise immediately after their lip treatments in order to reduce swelling. The post-procedure care includes ice on the affected areas.

Are there other common side effects?

There can be slight redness, irritation, or inflammation, and some tenderness. Sometimes there can be bruising and, usually, some swelling. Lips are very sensitive. This can usually be covered by makeup. There is usually minimal recovery time and little reaction. We will provide you with post-procedure skincare instructions. Its best if you avoid the application of fragrance, essential oils, and harsh chemicals like acids right after the procedure. Micellar water is gentle and can safely be used. Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your face and lips. Avoid direct sun exposure and use lip balm with SPF. Avoid hot and spicy foods immediately afterwards, as these can increase the swelling of your lips. Also, avoid very hot or hot foods.

If I don’t like my lip filler, can I reverse it?

Most people like the fullness and increased size of their new lips and smile. Occasionally, someone wants the filler removed. It can be reversed with vitrase solution, an enzyme that breaks down the filler substance, which is made of hyaluronic acid.

Why choose Dr. Jaliman for lip filler injections?

Dr. Jaliman has over 25 years of experience and an aesthetic sense. She uses a microdroplet technique for lip enhancement with filler. She injects lips so that they look slightly fuller but totally natural-looking. She can make them even fuller and poutier, but still natural. She spends a good amount of time with each patient, paying a lot of attention to the structure of the lips and their relationship with the nose to enhance their individual beauty. She treats each patient just like the celebrities she treats. She carefully determines what their desired goals are. She has treated some of the most challenging cases, even a patient with scarring on the lips.One of the many advantages is that Dr. Jaliman can use hyaluronic acid lip filler in 1/2-syringe units. You only pay for what you use. You can gradually augment your lips. No one but you and your dermatologist will know for sure that you have lip filler. It’s such a natural look with a natural appearance. Definitely not duck lips. 

Is it possible to have lip lines filled above my lips at the same time as lip filler treatment?

Wrinkles above the lip or around the mouth can be treated at the same time. The number of syringes required may vary depending on the type of hyaluronic acid filler used. If Resylane Silk is utilized, it is possible to use the same syringe for both the lip lines and lip filling. However, with a thicker filler, it may be necessary to use additional syringes. Many women opt to fill these "smokers' lines" as they perceive them to be aging and find that lipstick can settle into the lines. These lines are typically caused by repetitive pursing of the lips, the frequent use of a straw, or smoking.

Can I have Botox injections into my lips instead of lip filler?

Yes. There is a technique called the lip flip. Botox is injected into the top lip. This technique relaxes your top lip muscle, giving you the appearance of a fuller lip without actually adding more volume.

Lip Flip Before and After

Can I fix asymmetric lips?

Sometimes, individuals come because their natural lips are asymmetric or they have had filler at a clinic, and the doctor who did the lip filler treatment did not put it in the proper location. This can be fixed by placing the filler in the precise location so that lip symmetry can be attained.

Does lip volume decrease as you age?

The lips unfortunately get thinner as you age, and the lips do lose volume. This can be corrected with lip filler. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is the most popular choice. Injected into the lips, it makes a difference as it increases the volume, restores volume loss, and improves the lip border. Skilled injectors can add filler to the corners of the mouth as well to lift the sides of the mouth and give an overall more youthful impression. 

However, determining who is the best candidate for lip augmentation involves looking at multiple factors. It is important for doctors to look at the features of each face, cheeks, and chin, the degree of volume loss, and the patients' age. It is also important to discuss the aesthetic goals with the patient to determine how full they want their lips to be and their expectations.

Can I have lip fillers while pregnant or breastfeeding?

No studies have been done to evaluate their safety during pregnancy or breastfeeding, so there really is limited information. It is best to wait until afterwards for this cosmetic enhancement.

Are there other options for lip filler?

If you do not want lip injections, there are other ways to get a fuller pout. Some women are very content with this temporary option which is a lip plumper, and give them good reviews. They buy over-the-counter lip plumpers. These are lip glosses that temporarily make your lips appear fuller. Some even add color to the lips as well. They contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid and squalane to hydrate the lips. They also may contain peptides to stimulate collagen production. Some have antioxidants like Vitamin E. Other products may contain something to irritate the skin of the lips to cause them to swell and become inflamed. These ingredients include cinnamon, cayenne, peppermint, capsicum resin, menthol and also bee venom (don't use it if you are allergic to bees). It's important to check the ingredient list carefully. Some of these ingredients can make lips dry or be irritating and cause allergic reactions, so I do not recommend them to people with sensitive types of skin. 

Is lip filler covered by insurance?

Lip contouring is a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance. The price will be discussed in detail, so you will know before your treatment what the cost will be. 

So what are you waiting for? Give us call at (212) 517-8855 and schedule your appointment to get beautiful lips today!