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What is Clear + Brilliant® Permea?

It is a safe and effective laser which can be used on all skin types and is used to improve skin discoloration, hyperpigmentation and melasma. It is also used for anti-aging to improve skin texture and fine lines.

Is Clear + Brilliant® Permea painful?

The treatment is not painful. Your skin is numbed before and cool air is used during the procedure so it’s quite comfortable.

What is the Clear + Brilliant® Permea appointment like?

The skin is numbed for a half hour with a topical numbing cream. The treatment itself takes approximately 15 minutes. Then the skin is iced for another 10 minutes.

Is there any downtime from the Clear + Brilliant® Permea?

Your skin may be red for 4-6 hours afterwards but it is coverable by makeup or a tinted sunscreen. It looks like a mild sunburn.

How many treatments of Clear + Brilliant® Permea will I need?

It depends upon your skin and what you are trying to accomplish. We usually suggest 3 to 6 treatments.

How closely can the treatments of Clear + Brilliant® Permea be spaced?

The treatments are usually spaced 2-4 weeks apart.

When will I see the results of my Clear + Brilliant® Permea treatment?

You will see the results a few days after your treatment.

Do I need to take any precautions before or after my Clear + Brilliant® Permea treatment?

You do not want to be tan before the treatment so we suggest having a treatment 2-3 weeks after you return from a vacation in strong sunlight.

Are there any products that you recommend that I wear after the Clear + Brilliant® Permea treatment?

We recommend that you wear an broad spectrum SPF 30 or above.

Do you offer a complimentary consultation for the Clear + Brilliant® Permea?

We offer a complimentary consultation with a laser technician for this treatment. Call the office today to schedule your appointment.