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We offer several different options for laser hair removal. This process ensures that patients get the best treatment available for their individual skin and hair type. During our consultation process you will be carefully examined to determine which option is right for you.

Our CoolGlide system is considered by most to be the gold standard for dark skin types. This Nd:YAG laser can be used to treat all skin types without damaging pigment. The ‘Cool’ treatment tip ensures patients’ comfort while delivering an effective amount of energy to eliminate unwanted hair.

The Prowave 770 system allows us to treat lighter skin or hair types with ease. The enhanced cooling features and larger tip size allows for a faster, more comfortable session. With its advanced technology, the Prowave can be tailored to the individual’s hair size, type or color to ensure the most effective treatment available.

Typically, a series of 4-8 sessions is required for optimal clearing of unwanted hair and can vary based on the treatment area or hair and skin type.