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Darker skin naturally absorbs more light than other skin types, which can increase the chance of side effects such as burns and pigmentation. Our laser specialist has over 10 years’ experience treating darker skin types. It is important to choose a technician that is skilled in treating the many variables associated with laser on darker skin.

Our Cool Glide Laser for hair removal is considered by most experts to be the “gold standard” for dark skin. It is an Nd:Yag, which uses the longest wavelength available for hair removal. This wavelength allows darker skin to be treated on higher settings without disrupting natural skin color.

The Medlite Laser can be used on all skin types to treat dark spots, hyper-pigmentation or scarring. This special laser gradually breaks down areas of discoloration slowly without disrupting natural melanin in the skin.

We also offer anti-aging treatments for darker skin with the Titan, Genesis and Gentlewaves lasers.

We offer complimentary consultations for all laser procedures.