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Get the RED out FAST.

A highly effective combination of two of our best rosacea treatments to even skin tone and texture while removing redness and inflammation.

• Full face treatment with Limelight IPL to remove dark spots caused by sun damage while diminishing redness.
• Zone treatment with Laser Genesis in problem areas of red or inflamed skin. This treatment closes pores, reduces inflammation and seals redness-causing blood vessels.
Patients with a combination of brown pigment and redness may see pigment darken temporarily following the treatment. This typically resolves itself over 7-10 days while the skin sheds the top layer of sun damage. Moisturizer and makeup can be worn to disguise the appearance of the spots during this period. Indications:
• No recent sun exposure or use of sunless tanners 2-4 weeks prior to treatment
• Must use sunscreen following treatment

*For best results a series of three treatments are typically required, 4 weeks apart